Monday, October 20, 2008

Time for People with Disabilities to vote- Your Voice Matters Your Vote Counts!

According to a website on the census of how many people have disabilities of some sort in the United States; are about 58 million people. With that amount of people affected by disabilities in the United States, this election is very important that we all get out there and vote! I wasn’t someone who always thought this way about voting because I thought politics was boring, but I am glad I woke up and am now educated.

With the elections right around the corner, I just wanted to pass along some important information about voting. Since I live in Washington State, I know that the deadline to register to vote is 30 days prior to the elections. However, if a person is not yet registered they have to go in person, TODAY, to a county elections department.

I am glad I did my research ahead of time because when I was helping my mom figure out how to register online to vote, since she is a new resident to Washington, I looked myself up and saw my status to vote was inactive. I didn’t update my new address when I moved, which was my error, so I am happy I got it all straightened out in time.

If you are from a state like mine and today is the last day to register, get going because it is so important for this election. If you are not sure about the voting requirements or when your state deadline is this website seems helpful:

If you are registered to vote and still are unsure of your decision on which you are going to vote for, I suggest taking a look at the candidate’s different websites:

1) Here is a link to Obama’s plan on disability issues:

2) Here is information on McCain’s plans for Veterans:

3) Also, on McCain’s website, here is some information about people with disabilities, and what they have to say about McCain’s views of Americans with Disabilities:

I am not going to share with you who I am voting for because I am writing this blog solely to educate you. I want you to make your own choice and remember that who you vote for is going to affect all of us in different ways, from health care to employment, and the future of the American’s with Disabilities Act. I know there are a lot of other issues to consider, but my game plan is vote for who I think is going to make my country better, and who is going to look out for people with disabilities.

Tammy Wilber
~Don’t miss the boat, Get out and VOTE!~

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