Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tails and Toes- How many do I have to run over in my wheelchair?

For years I have always tried so hard to be very careful about not running over people’s feet in my wheelchair, especially their toes. Heck, if it happens, I will always feel bad. I feel like I need to take out personal injury insurance in case I ever break someone’s toe. At least I use a manual wheelchair and if I run over someone’s toes it is not a heavy power wheelchair- ouch! I am sure either wheelchair hurts no matter what, but I try to be careful. At times there are moments when people step on my feet if I am not in my wheelchair. I often transfer out of my wheelchair at movie theatres and of course on airplanes, and that is when it happen's the most. Sitting in a dark movie theatre, I can’t stand up to let someone by, so they step on my feet. Then I get an apology, and look at my foot to make sure nothing is broken since I can’t feel it. Or when I am on an airplane, I always prefer a seat by the window. Since I get loaded first on the plane, and if my seat assignment is not by the window, I explain to the flight attendant that I HAVE to sit by the window because I cannot get up to let people by. Trust me, it works to tell the flight attendant that because they want to help and I usually will get a window seat. If not, I take the window seat anyway and just tell the passenger that they will have to crawl over me if they want to get up during the flight. Most passengers give up their seats.

On a different note, the title of this includes tails, and this is in reference to my own cat. I have this cat, which ended up with the boring name of just Kitty, and after 10 years she still doesn’t get it. When I am wheeling by her she doesn’t move out of the way. I am surprised after all these years my cat’s tail hasn’t been amputated. I do look out for her, but even when she is laying right in my path, I yell MOVE, and she just looks up at me like no way! I have taken chunks of fur out of her tail numerous times, and she let’s out a screeching meow, but she still hasn’t learned, and probably never will.

So, to all the tails and toes out there, watch out for wheelchairs, and we will do the same!

Tammy Wilber
~To wheeling and watching~

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