Wednesday, September 10, 2008


September 9th
I have never written a blog before, but thought I would give it a try! What could I possibly talk about that you or anyone would want to hear? Well one of the first things that I thought of is how about just talking about me and my experience in getting and trying out different wheelchair over the last 15 years.

I am a 32 year old single girl (I say girl because woman makes me feel old) and I happen to be in a wheelchair! I love the fact that there are sites like Disaboom for people with disabilities to network and find resources for. When I was first injured in a car accident at the age of 17 years old- going into my senior year of high school in 1993 there was no such thing as the internet. When I was first injured it was so much harder finding resources after I got my first wheelchair. I could have really used the internet!

I am sure that many people can relate that their first wheelchair was not always the first choice. I am not going to say what my first wheelchair was because it is a good company I just didn't like my wheelchair after I saw all the different styles that were available to me. So my first wheelchair was just too big!

After a few years I got a wheelchair that I loved and used it for years! Although, after you get a wheelchair you really have to think ahead of time about even the color you pick out. When I got my second wheelchair at first I loved the funky paint splattered look because in the 90's that was all the rave- well not to long after I got the wheelchair I kind of started feeling like the wheelchair was a bit flashy and immature for my age. So with a little spray paint my dad stripped down my wheelchair, taking off everything and spray painted it black. He put on like 5 coats and we just let it dry in the hot Miami sunshine. The chair looked good and I was happy with the results but over the next few years as the paint chipped off it just looked awful! So even though I loved this cute and very lightweight wheelchair it was just too flashy and looked worse with chipping paint, so my second wheelchair was just the wrong color!

A few years later I discovered TiLite wheelchairs and now I have my third TiLite wheelchair because I love the sleek frame, and style. I even added some accessories; such as Natural Fit Handrims, Glance Wheels, a VARILITE eBack and Meridian cushion. I am always searching out new items and accessories for my wheelchair and I wish I could have them all, but for now I am happy with what I have. In my current wheelchair I sit great, have a nice lightweight seating system and it is snug. It was a big change for me when I got this wheelchair because I used to have a 15 inch wide wheelchair, now I have a 13 inch wide wheelchair. Lately, I feel as though people see me and not the wheelchair. People still notice the wheelchair, but because it is nice looking I get compliments on it instead of sad looks. For me I think it is just the fact I am so much more comfortable and I like the way the wheelchair looks so I feel confident when I am in it! It is kind of like the story with Goldie Locks and the three bears- this wheelchair is just right!

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